Marla. (x_super_snail_x) wrote in frozen_charms,

Tutorial #2

..filling a request for this tutorial made by hayleyp

Free Image Hosting at to

Requires some basic knowledge of Photoshop

READ THIS: I make all my graphics on a Mac. This being the case, my Photoshop works differently than yours does, so you may have to tweak this tutorial a little to make it work for you. Its what I have to do whenever I learn from other people's tutorials.

1. Crop the picture to form your base.

2. With the selection tool, select an area on the right to be filled with white.

3. With this area selected, go to Layer > New Fill Layer and fill with white.

4. Desaturate the picture, duplicate and set the duplicate to soft light.

5. Duplicate the base again and, with the dupicate selected, go to Layer > Arrange > Bring to Front. Now, resize and position the dupliacte to your liking.

6. Using the selection tool, select areas of the duplicate you dont want to show up on the icon. Once selected, push the delete key. Repeat this step until you've whittled the duplicate down to a size you like. MAKE SURE you have the correct duplicate layer selected when you do this.. you dont want to select the base's soft light duplicate! :)

7. Duplicate the small layer and set the duplicate to soft light.

8. Sharpen the base and the base duplicate of the small picture. (Does that make sense?)

9. Select the base duplicate of the small picture and go to Edit > Stroke. Use a 3 pixel white border.

10. Use this gradient (idk who it's by, sorry. I dragged it off some random tutorial!) set at Lighten. I rotated it so that the red is in the bottom right corner.

11. Add tiny text in color #292444

Finished!! I'd LOVE to see what you get out of this!! Post your work! I'll be thrilled!

If you have any questions or need me to clarify ANYTHING, just let me know!

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