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Frozen Charms Graphics

..by x_super_snail_x

Frozen Charms Graphics.
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Header by eternalphoenix_, coding by starlings100, modifications by couperose.

;;Frozen Charms Graphics.

Hi. Welcome to Frozen Charms Graphics, the graphics community of x_super_snail_x. Please feel free to browse the memories and/or ask questions about any of my icons here I'm nice, I promise.


[x] Please comment when you're taking something. Its not required, but its terribly nice :DD
[x] Credit to either Frozen Charms or x_super_snail_x is absolutley, 100% required. If you dont know how to credit, read this tutorial by ohpaintbrush.
[x] Dont hotlink. Thats just mean.
[x] Dont claim any of my work as your own.
[x] Dont edit anything without my permission.


Here. Sadly, due to lame computer problems, several of my credits got lost. If you find anything of yours being used in my graphics, please let me know so I can add you to my list of credits.


Here. If you would like to be added to my list, leave a comment to my affiliates post.